12" Rhinestone Flock

Cut your own rhinestone template! Sold by the yard.
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Manufacturer: Specialty Materials

Save money by cutting your own rhinestone templates with Rhinestone Flock!

This is a self-adhesive, velvety material perfect for cutting rhinestone templates with any craft cutter. The flock is plush and easy to cut and the sticky adhesive on the back allows this to be used and reused.

Cut your circles out and peel away from the backing and you can apply it a template backer board or stick on top of itself. Easily sweep the stones into place.

Pair with KTM-500 transfer mask when it’s time to transfer your rhinestones.

Application Instructions

Blade – 60°. Be careful not to cut through the backing paper.

Cut – Right reading

Peel – Peel the corner of the flock, leaving the dots behind on the backing paper.

Backing – Place template on hard surface to fill in rhinestones.

Transfer Material – KTM-500. Heat press to rhinestone specifications.

Special Precautions: Not recommended for washing. Not suitable for heat tranfser.

Download printable instructions here   Download printable instructions here

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