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The inks and pretreatments that DTG Printers use is probably the most important component needed to produce a beautiful, lasting custom t-shirt. And using the wrong ink can spell disaster for the printer itself and can cause clogged print heads and print lines. 

Genuine DTG Inks have been certified by the manufacturer of DTG Printers, not just for the quality of the product itself, but also for the way that Colman and Company HANDLES AND STORES the inks. Because Colman and Company is the sole distributor, and has one of the highest volumes of any DTG ink seller, the Inks you order are always fresh. Not only do they rotate their inventory to make sure you get the best ink, with the longest shelf life possible, but they actually agitate their white ink, and store in a temperature controlled environment.

At Quality Digital Solutions we are happy to be bringing this outstanding ink to you.

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Spider Mini Washing Solution 1 liter

Spider Wash is the 'antidote' for all those super-salt-saturated pretreat solutions your Spider-Mini Automatic Pretreat Machine will be using.
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