Ghost White Toner M255-M283

HP Color LaserJet Pro M255dw, M255nw, MFP M282nw, MFP M283fdn, MFP M283fdw
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Manufacturer: Ghost White

You can print with one cartridge of this White Toner around 1.350 pages opaque and razor-sharp white prints. All Ghost Toners achieve excellent results also on papers with a difficult tactile texture and surface. With Ghost Toner you get brilliant and sharp prints on all different kinds of papers and materials. With our transfer foils*, you can also apply white and colored prints and designs to materials like wood, glass, ceramics, metal and even fabrics like felt. Create elaborate and unique stationery products such as flyers or invitations. Broaden your product range with individualized coffee mugs, T-Shirts, sweaters and bags.

White Toner M255 is suitable for:


  • Color LaserJet Pro M255dw
  • Color LaserJet Pro M255nw
  • Color LaserJet Pro MFP M282nw
  • Color LaserJet Pro MFP M283fdn
  • Color LaserJet Pro MFP M283fdw

Your Benefits:
» High quality prints
» Page yield according to ISO/IEC 19752
» Guaranteed quality
» Full warranty
» Perfect for white printing and transfer media

*Due to the technical characteristics of the printer, there may be limitations when printing on certain transfer foils and may affect the result. The White Toner works flawlessly in this printer series and delivers high quality prints according to the printer’s capabilities on suitable papers, foils, etc.
We do not recommend printing on the A-foil in combination with the color toners. Pure white motifs are perfectly possible.

White Toner for HP laser printer

We have specialized in White Toner for HP laser printers that open up many new possibilities to realize your printing ideas. White prints become reality thanks to our innovative White Toners. You can print white motifs on colored paper or via toner transfer with transfer foils on different objects and surfaces. For a wide selection of HP printer models, we offer the corresponding White Toner HP cartridges and toners. You, furthermore, find common CYMK toners in our assortment.

Why toners and HP-printers?

Toners work differently from inkjet printers regarding the application of the color on a paper or foil. The quality is compelling and the slightly higher price for the investment amortizes rapidly. Therefore, a change from inkjet to laser printer is recommended, also since the printing speed and the number of printable sheets per cartridge are superior to inkjet printers. The toners don’t contain liquid ink but a specific powder.

The printers from HP are top notch in the international market of printers which makes this US-American brand the market leader. Purchase our White toners for HP printers in different varieties as small or big toner cartridges. Thanks to the high quality of the printers and their flexibility, white prints with our white toners for HP are easy to achieve, as you simply replace the black toner with a white one.

There is also no need to clean the printer before inserting the white toners, since they work with dry powder. Who doesn’t remember the many problems with leaking ink cartridges, mandatory cleaning programs and the constant test prints? All these things belong to the past with HP laser printers and our color and white toners.

White toner, HP printers and more from Ghost

Are you looking for a special cartridge as white toner for a specific HP printer? Use the search function on our site, all you have to do is to type in your printer model and you will immediately receive a list of all toners that are suitable for your HP laser printer. The toner size you need for your printer depends on the model and the planned purpose. The printable number of sheets can vary greatly depending on the cartridge. Companies that need to do a lot of printing can stock up on high-performance toner cartridges from our shop.

The different cartridges can be used not only for one printer model, but often for different models of a printer generation from HP. Some toner cartridges are also compatible with other manufacturers’ printers. Find a complete list in the product specification sheet and stock up on new white toners for your HP printer!

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