11oz Magic Color Change Mugs Red

11 oz Matte Magic Mugs for Sublimation or Laser Transferring. Hide your design until you add hot water and watch your image appear just like magic!
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11Product Info

• Size: 11 oz, D8.2 X H9.5 cm
• Black, Red and Blue matt finish
• NOT dishwasher or microwave-safe
• For sublimation and toner printing
Printing Instructions
For use in a mug press
• Make sure to print with mirror image
• Check your mug press manual to set the time and temperature
• Parameters for reference: 180 C, 10-20 S (this is from a COLD press, timing starts once press reaches 180*C)
Total press time will be 2 - 3 minutes
• Remove paper immediately
For use in a conventional oven:
• Print image in reverse
• Use mug wrap
• Temperature: 400 F
• Time: 12-15 minutes
• Remove paper immediately

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