Magnecote 12 x 18 Digital Gloss Magnet

Laser printable. “The World’s Most Attractive Paper”, MagneCote is a premium coated paper with a proprietary magnetic layer to deliver a uniquely attractive product. It prints like paper and acts like a magnet. Sheets are 12" x 18" 17pt.
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You only get one chance to make a first and lasting impression. Using magnetic media instead of standard paper is your best opportunity to do both.  MagneCote® Offset, offered by Nekoosa Coated Products, is the world’s most attractive paper and the greener magnetic paper choice. Magnetic advertising media offers the highest ROI and retention of any substrate. A magnet is irresistible; you simply must stick it to your file cabinet, refrigerator or the nearest metallic surface. In fact, it is this irresistible urge that gives magnetic media a 30% higher response rate than other substrates. MagneCote® Offset is the perfect choice for business cards, calendars, sport schedules, coupons, reminders, and instructions. The possibilities are endless. Keep your name in front of your customers and steer more business your way!

Why choose MagneCote® Offset?

  • Magnetic media boosts customer retention and ROI
  • Environmentally friendly- we don’t use rubber in our magnets
  • Beautiful images using standard inks on FSC certified paper
  • Converts easily on conventional equipment for hole punches, die cuts, and perforations
  • Lighter, less expensive than traditional magnets
  • Offers superb print quality and truly runs like paper on offset presses, flexo web presses, and select digital equipment. Nexpress certified!

Use MagneCote® Offset the next time you want to print business cards, calendars, appointment reminders, sports schedules, to-go menus, prescription refill reminders, emergency phone numbers list, promotions and coupons, instructions and postcards.

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