Mini-Tees Five Mixed Colors

Mixed color bag - all different - 5 colors
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SKU: SM-MiniTeesMixed
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Manufacturer: Specialty Materials
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FOREVER Classic + Universal A4 -8.27"x 11.69"

FE-Classic+Univ A4
Transfer paper for printing onto light colored textiles, mouse pads, etc. FOREVER Classic+ Universal is also suitable for the new generation of color copiers and color laser printers with a higher fusing temperature!

Multitrans (for hard surfaces) A4 Sheets 8.27"x 11.69"

FE-Multi-Trans A4
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SELF-WEEDING TRANSFER PAPER for light colored garments. No cutting and no weeding. Comes in A3 & A4 sizes.


Great for samples and displays! Sold in packages of 5 each.
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