OKI Pro6410 NeonColor Digital LED Printer

Introducing Neon Toner Technology - the latest innovation in OKI LED digital color printing. INCLUDES 10 sheets of FOREVER Laser Dark Weedless (no cut) A4 Sample Pack.
Manufacturer: OKI
SKU: OKI-Pro6410

Fast, vibrant, and lucrative fluorescent printing

  • The first printer of its kind – combines reliable, high-density LED printing with innovative neon toner technology
  • ProQ multi-level output quality, with 1200 x 600dpi, 600 x 600dpi print quality
  • Prints on media up to Legal size, as well as Banners up to 52 inches, with paper weights up to 250gsm
  • Prints transfers for fluorescent neon designs on ceramic, plastic and metal, control panels and gauges, window stickers, number plates and car dealer stickers
  • Low set-up costs compared with direct-to-garment or conventional screen printing
  • All-in-one toner/image drums for simplified consumable replacements, reducing the number of consumables for stocking

The Future is Bright

OKI has added a new, fluorescent dimension to color printing. The pro6410 NeonColor is the first printer of its kind, building upon OKI’s history of innovation in LED and five-color printing to create dazzling neon output on almost any substrate. Surpass the limitations of CMYK and unlock new revenue streams by adding eye-catching fluorescent elements to your in-house signage and transfer printing.

Interchangeable & Versatile

Featuring a quick-swap black or white toner station¹, the pro6410 delivers superbright color on light or dark media for applications ranging from garment and product decoration, to point-of-sale signage and even security: OKI’s NeonWhite toner can be laid down as a UV watermark only visible under black light. For retail outlets looking to stand out from competitors, the pro6410 NeonColor prints head-turning graphics on media up to 250gsm, including banners, tickets, t-shirt transfers, and pop-up displays.

Bold New Opportunities

For cutting-edge print shops and creative businesses alike, the pro6410 NeonColor electrifies customers in lucrative new markets, offering a quick return on investment. Previously outsourced print jobs can now stay in-house, anchored by OKI’s reliable, easy-to-use LED print engines. Retail outlets aiming to differentiate themselves in crowded and colorful ad space will find a bold new way to generate grassroots brand awareness, while print service providers can broaden their offerings to creative customers. OKI has once again expanded the boundaries of digital color printing. Where will neon printing take your business?

¹Printer ships with NeonCyan, NeonMagenta, NeonYellow, and NeonWhite. Optional Black toner cartridge is sold separately and can be swapped with NeonWhite.

Neon Toner printed mugsGlowing Neon Toner printed mugsNeon Toner printed t-shirtGlowing Neon Toner printed t-shirt

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