Shot Glass 3.0oz

Makes a perfect personalized gift, or for your customer to promote their bar or event.
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The average shot glass might not leave you with many memories, but our sublimation shot glass certainly will! These 3 oz shot glasses are well coated for dye-sub printing. Specially crafted, its top rim is decorated with gold banding and mug wall with white patch to help make the imprint come out sharp.
They makes perfect personalized gifts for friends, or to celebrate an important birthday, promote your restaurant or bar, or create a personalized collection for your favorite drinker!
Use Shrink Wrap Sleeve Size 3.5"X 3"
Product Info
• Size: 3 ounce,  D3.3 X D3.9 X H10.2 cm
• Glass
• Bright gloss white
• Sharp, nice image imprint benefits from the white patch
• Sublimation and Laser Printing
• Sublimation printing:
• Temperature: 400 F / 195 C
• Bake approximately 12-15 minutes in the oven or 7-10 minutes with vacuum machine
• Mug Press:
• Temperature 356 F / 180 C for approx 2minutes, medium pressure

Recommended Transfer Papers from FOREVER:

  • MultiTrans CMYK (W)
  • MultiTrans Metallics (Gold and Silver)
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