11oz Heart Handled Mug-Red

11 oz White mug with Red Heart Handle. Decorate for that special someone with Laser transfer paper or vinyl and also sublimation ready.
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Delivery date: 1-3 days Western, 3-5 days Eastern
Recommended Transfer Papers from FOREVER:
  • MultiTrans CMYK (W)
  • MultiTrans Metallics (Gold and Silver)

Mugs can be used for all sublimation applications as well.

Printing Instructions
For use in a Constant temperature mug press
• Make sure to print with mirror image
• Check your mug press manual to set the time and temperature
• Parameters for reference: 400°F, (this is from a COLD press, timing starts once press reaches 180*C)
Total press time will be 4 1/2 minutes
• Remove paper immediately
Printing Instructions
For use in a varied temperature mug press:
• Print image in reverse
• Check your mug press user manual for specific time and temperature
• Printing Parameters for reference: 205°F idle tempature and 390°F print temperture , 15 seconds
• Remove paper immediately
Convection Oven
• Set you oven temperature to 400°F
• Heat ofr 12-15 minutes
• Once cooked, remove wrap and place mug into a container of room temperture water to cool and stop the sublimation process. (You can alos remove paper after placing into the water)
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