12" x 18" SYNAPS Digital XM Cover

12" x 18" sheets. Polyester engineered for dry toner/laser printing
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SYNAPS XM is a polyester based synthetic paper engineered for high heat, dry toner digital printing. Toner fuses with the synthetic paper to make the finished product both durable and naturally resistant to water and grease. The polyester based material has incredible tear strength, and can hold up in any environmental condition.

Digital Productivity

  • Designed to perform on all dry toner based platforms
  • On demand, high quality printing
  • Minimal scrap, waste and time compared to lamination
 Ultimate Durability
  • Toner fusing creates a naturally resistant surface to water and grease
  • Polyester base provides incredible tear strength and dimensional stability
  • Eliminates frayed edges and de-lamination issues

What Else? Die cut, perforate, UV varnish, pre-print, and scoring.

Also, SYNAPS XM is a great alternative to traditional lamination. Printing applications on SYNAPS XM prevents common flaws in the lamination process like de-lamination, wrinkles, frayed edges, squareness and higher total costs.

Use SYNAPS XM for applications like menus, instruction manuals, catalogs, maps, ID cards, plant stakes, place mats, medical charts, recipe cards, scored table tents, point-of-purchase signage, business cards, book covers, sales collateral and direct mailing pieces.


Manuals & Catalogs
Shelf Talkers & Wobblers
Business, Membership & I.D. Cards
Hole Punched Tags
Direct Mail
Temporary License Plates
Door Hangers
Scored Table Tents
Recipe Cards

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