14oz Stainless Steel Travel Mug

14 oz, sold min 2. Priced individually. For Sublimation, Laser printer or vinyl decoration. Hand wash only. Comes individually boxed. Mix and Match White or Silver for Price Breaks
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This Stainless Steel Silver o White Travel Mug come with plastic lid, handle and base. Specially crafted with an easy-grip handle and removable spill-proof plastic lid.  Great to personalize with sublimation or laser printing. Comes individually boxed.

Recommended Transfer Papers from FOREVER:

  • MultiTrans CMYK (W)
  • MultiTrans Metallics (Gold and Silver)

Printing Instructions
For use in a mug press only
• Make sure to print with mirror image
• Check your mug press manual to set the time and temperature
• Sublimation Parameters for reference: 165 C, 100 S
• Remove paper immediately
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