15"x12" Textured Carbon Fiber

15" width. Add dimension to your design with textured carbon fiber. It has the look and feel of real carbon fiber.
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SKU: SM-CARB-15"x12"
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Manufacturer: Specialty Materials

Textured Carbon Fiber has the look and fell of real carbon fiber.  Add dimension to your designs.

It comes on a sticky carrier for easy weeding and re-positioning.

You cannot layer anything on top or beneath this material.

If pressing onto thin fabric, you need to put a Teflon Sheet inside the garment to ensure the adhesive doesn't transfer to the oter side.

Textured Carbon Fiber heat transfer vinyl

Applies to: Cotton, Uncoated Polyester, Fabric Blends Lycra, Wool and Linen (Not Nylon)

Cut Mirror

Temp 325°

15 second press

Peel cold


Click here to download the PDF instructions and color chart  Click here for more information

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