20oz SS Tumbler with Straw&Lid Shimmers

Minimum order of 2 of same colour. Priced individually. Slightly tapered tumbler with shimmering colours to help highlight your transfer. Packed in its own box with sliding closure lid, stainless steel straw and foam pad for the bottom.
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Double walled shimmer tumblers come with a stainless steel straw, a classic tumbler lid with a sliding closureand a foam pad for the bottom of the tumbler

Create your own beautiful personalized drinkware. Keeps hot drinks hot and cold ones cold!

Perfect for bridal parties, sports teams or your favorite family photos.

Available in Shimmer White, Purple, Pink and Green - MIX AND MATCH colors for price breaks

Product Info

• Size: 20oz, 8.5"H x 2-7/8" top Diameter x 2.75" Base Diameter
• Insulated Tumbler
• Not Dishwasher or microwave-safe
• For sublimation or laser printing

Printing Instructions

For use in a mug press
  • Preheat the press to 360-375°
  • Wipe down product with soft cloth misted with isopropyl alcohol
  • Print and apply transfer to product using heat tape
  • Press for 50-60 seconds with moderate pressure and immerse in water to cool after pressing

For use in a convection oven:

  • Print image in reverse and place face down on product and secure with heat tape
  • Preheat oven to 320-330°
  • If using Shirnk Sleeves, slide heat shrink sleeve over top of the transfer paper. Use the heat gun to shrink the sleeve onto the tumbler.
  • Shrink one end of the sleeve first to help secure the transfer position on the product.
  • When transferring an edge-to-edge graphic, 2 sleeves can be used on the tumblers. When using 2 sleeves, overlap towards the center of the tumbler before shrinking to ensure even pressure across the entire graphic.
  • Place product in oven and heat for the recommended time. When heating multiple tumblers, additional heating time may be required
  • Immerse product in water immediately after removing from oven to cool
  • Remove wrapping after product has cooled
Use Shrink Wrap Sleeve Size 9.8"x 6.9"
Heat Transfer Process
  • Follow transfer paper instructions for best results.
  • Preheat mug press to 310° or recommended temperature
  • Print transfer onto Hard Surface paper
  • Position transfer onto product and secure with heat tape.
  • Press for allotted time and pressure recommended for your transfer paper
  • Remove from press and peel transfer warm or cold per your transfer paper

Download our template here  Download the PDF template

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