30" Uniprint A Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl

30" width. It is suitable for Eco-solvent (including TrueVIS), Solvent, Latex and UV inks.. Sold by the yard. Slight pressure-sensitive carrier.
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Delivery date: 1-3 days Western, 3-5 days Eastern

UNIPRINT A (item 301A) is a solvent-free water-based polyurethane matt and white print, laminated on a universal thermo-adhesive layer and applicable on all types of textiles including nylon or coated polyester for raincoats, luggages, umbrellas and other applications. The carrier is a self-adhesive polyester. It is suitable to Eco-solvent (including TrueVIS), Solvent, Latex and UV inks.

  • Easy and accurate weeding, even of small letters, thanks to the self-adhesive polyester
  • In case of letters slightly lifted during weeding, they can be stuck again on carrier
  • Energy and time saving : 140°C (284*F) -10 sec
  • Matt treated backside, avoids sliding on driving rollers.
  • Stays flat after printing
  • Bonds to all textiles including coated nylon
  • High durability of print after washings
  • Suitable to tumble dryer
  • Doesn’t wrinkle after washings
  • Solvent-free and PVC-free

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