30oz Mug Press Heater

If you have our Multi-Function Digital Mug Press or Skinny Tumbler press - YOU NEED THIS! Silicon Mug Wrap for 30oz Skinny. Straight mugs and tumblers with a length of 27cm (10.63 inches) and a diameter of 8.5cm (3.3465 inches). 5 pin connector compatible with our 5 pin Mug Presses
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Please NOTE: you must fill the press heater - you should never do a single mug that doesn't completely fill the heater.  Always fill the press even if the second mug is blank.

New mug press Heater for 30oz tumblers!

Great video on how to use this mug press and how to press the Skinny Tumblers etc.  First press is 180*F for 45 seconds, rotate 90 degress and then press for 25 seconds.

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30oz SS Tumbler with Lid and Straw - White

30 oz SS Tumbler can be pressed with the 30oz heater in the multifunction mug press or the skinny tumbler press. Minimum order of 2. Priced individually. For sublimation, Laser printer, UV Printing, or vinyl decoration. Comes individually boxed. Hand wash only.
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