Big Ghost + Ghost Color Toner - Set

This Bundle contains: » HP Laserjet CP5225n Tabloid printer » White Toner for around 7,000 pages; approximately 7,000 sheet yield - based on 5% coverage on an letter size page - Windows ONLY support for White toner printing » Clover Toner cartridges in cyan, magenta, yellow and black; approximately 7,000 sheet yield - based on 5% coverage on an letter size page » Instructions » FULL Ghost Toners; Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black; approximately 7,000 sheet yield - based on 5% coverage on an letter size page
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With the Ghost-White system you can print white onto dark papers directly - make your own Wedding or Party Invitations!

Check out the VIDEO TUTORIAL below!

The Big Ghost Bundle is our starter package for white toner laser printing in A3 (Tabloid). It comprises: our Big Ghost printer, one Ghost White Toner cartridge and one toner cartridge in cyan, magenta, yellow and black each third party toners.


Give greeting cards, flyers, invitations, gifts and much more a unique look with white prints on colored paper. The Big Ghost is the perfect tool for all who regularly print on stationery with a high grammage such as cardboard. Big Ghost can also handle large scale productions. Due to its high printing capacity, Big Ghost is very cost-effective. Print your designs on transfer foil and transfer them to fabrics and all kinds of other materials. Create outstanding individualized products. Impress your customers with a whole new range of products and print on papers with a grammage of up to 300g/m2. Big Ghost is the perfect completion to your business, if you are a copy & print service provider, manufacturer of personalized gifts, retailer, restaurant owner or operate an advertising or a marketing agency. But also start-up businesses or hobbyists can benefit from the variety of options that Big Ghost offers to them.

This is an EXCELLENT VIDEO Tutorial of the entire Ghost-White toner design, printing process and possibilities!!

Video Demonstration

Click here to download the User Manual for Ghost-White Toner Printing >>>  Click here to download the Ghost-White User Manual

This is the Tabloid (A3) printer that we are recommending to use with the FOREVER Transfer Paper processes and here's why:

Click here for more information on the Flex-Soft Weedless (no cut) process and papers

Click here for more information on the Multi-trans CMYK and Silver, Gold and Bronze transfer process for hard surfaces

Click here for more information on the Hot Stamping Foil process with Laser Dark self-weeding papers!

For a limited time, when you purchase a Laser Dark no cut no weed sample pack you will receive sheets of all the open rolls of hot stamping foil that we have. (at least 6 open at all times! - we love this stuff)

AND YES! -  It is possible to use the popular White Toner product also with your regular CMYK, as long as you stick to certain limitations. It is great for full tone colors, like solid reds, solid greens etc. As these colors have a high toner saturation. Colors below 100% toner saturation, such as, pastel tones, skin tones, sky blues, etc. cannot be printed. Take a look at the t-shirts designs below and get inspired by the possibilities of using your regular CMYK printer with our Laser-Dark (No-Cut) LowTemp transfer media.

You can now, through a 2 print process, or just by using white toner transfer onto dark garments.  Print your CMYK graphic, remove the black toner, replace with white and print again in grayscale.

Please NOTE - registration issues can occur.

Windows ONLY support for white printing

CMYK Laser Dark no cut images

Key Features

- 20 PPM Mono
- 20 PPM Colour
- 600 x 600 DPI
- Automatic Duplex Printing
- USB, Ethernet Connectivity

Printer Properties:

Click here for a Product Data Sheet (PDS)  >>  Click here for PDS

Please Note: Printers are not eligible for return once inks or toner has been installed. Ink or toner cartridges are not eligible for return once packaging has been opened.

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