Black Glass Bevel Plaque with Easel

The Black Glass Bevel Plaque is ideal for laser engraving. The smoky black colour creates a beautiful contrast with the frosty white reveal. Comes with an easel or wall hanging hooks for either vertical or horizontal formats.
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Ideal for laser engraving

Material: Glass

Size: 6" x 8"

Laser engrave, UV printable or use Laser Heat Transfers


General Laser Engraving Instructions

• Use a clean cloth lightly misted with isopropyl alcohol to wipe down the surface of the glass product to ensure any dust, oils, grease, etc. are removed.

• Place a piece of normal copy paper or clean dry paper towel on top of the glass surface.

• Spray the piece of paper or paper towel liberally with window cleaner or water so that the paper/towel is soaked through completely.

• Gently run your finger over the wet paper/towel to remove any air bubbles that may be underneath the paper/towel.

• Place the glass product with wet paper/towel applied onto the laser bed and position to the zero point on the laser bed.

• Adjust the laser focus to the surface of the glass product. o Be careful not to move the wet paper/towel while focusing the laser to prevent air bubbles or wrinkles forming underneath the wet paper/towel.

• While setting up the artwork for engraving in the layout software, make sure to set the color fill of the engraved areas to “RGB 80% Black”.

• Once the artwork is set up and positioned, engrave using the suggested starting settings. o Settings may need adjusted depending on the laser tube wattage. o IMPORTANT: The paper/towel layer must stay wet during the entire engraving process. o For large engraved areas, ensure that the paper/towel layer does not dry out while the engraving is still running. If the paper/towel dries before the engraving is finished, the engraving job may need to be paused so that the paper/towel can be sprayed again with water or window cleaner.

• When finished, remove the glass product from the laser bed.

• Remove the paper/towel layer from the surface and discard.

• If window cleaner was used to spray the paper/towel, run the glass product under water to rinse of any residual window cleaner and then dry with a clean cloth or towel

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