Dynasub 12"x 24" 1-sided White Aluminum Sheet for Sublimation

12"x 24" DynaSub Aluminum sheets have a special coating for a superior, sharp four-colour process for sublimation. White side is sublimation ready.
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One sided White Aluminum sheet for sublimation. 12"x 24"and .020"thickness. Create your own unique signs for any occassion.
These sheets can also be decorated with Toner Heat Transfer sheets. You can use FOREVER Multitrans or QDS Laser Metal sheets.

Printing Instructions

1. Set the temperature on the press to 390 degrees.

2. Print transfers using either the “Gold Metal”,“Silver Metal” or “White Metal” setting in the PowerDriver corresponding to the material used.

3. Remove protective film from the face of the metal.

4. Before applying the transfer and metal together, dry the transfer as much as possible. This is done by laying the transfer on the top of the heating element of the press for roughly 30 seconds. Or place the transfer under an open press for 5-10 seconds. This is simply to remove as much moisture from the transfer paper as possible before making the actual transfer. Once the transfer has been dried, it should be used within a few minutes. If more than ten minutes passes before making the transfer, the transfer can be dried again prior to use.

5. Using one or more paper towels, place a towel larger than the sheet of metal on the stage of the heat press.

6. Next, place the metal with the transfer taped to it face down (metal is facing down, transfer facing up) on the paper towel.

7. Place another paper towel(s) over the transfer and press.

8. Using medium pressure, press for 45-50 seconds as needed. Do not press any longer than is needed to obtain solid rich colors, especially black. Open press and allow to cool for 10 seconds before moving. Metal remains extremely hot. Metal can be moved by handling the transfer paper or by using a spatula.

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