Felt Hanging Ornaments/Air Fresheners

Felt Hanging Ornaments/Air Fresheners 4" Heart, 4" Round, 4.5" Tree and 4" Maple Leaf, ready to sublimate or use FOREVER papers for laser printing. Sold in packs of 10. Priced individually.
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  • Heart-Qty 10
    Heart-Qty 10
  • Maple Leaf-Qty 10
    Maple Leaf-Qty 10
  • Round-Qty 10
    Round-Qty 10
  • Tree-Qty 10
    Tree-Qty 10

Recommended Transfer Papers from FOREVER:

  • MultiTrans CMYK (W)
  • MultiTrans Metallics (Gold and Silver)
  • Classic & Universal
  • Laser Dark

These hard felt Ornaments are perfect for sublimation printing as well.

These can also be made into Air Fresheners

Create that unique gift that all will enjoy!

Printing Instructions for Sublimation:
For use in a Flat-bed press:
• Print image in reverse(mirror image)
• Tear the protective film before printing, medium pressure and image side face down;
• Printing Parameters for reference: 180C, 120S
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