Hanging Plastic Ball Ornament 3.5"(5)

Hanging Plastic Ball Ornament 3.5", ready to sublimate or use FOREVER for laser printing. Priced Individually. Inserts included.
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Plastic Ball Ornament (φ8.5cm) comes with string and aluminum insert(both sides coated) for dye sublimation printing. After personalization, the aluminum sheet can be put into the ball. Lightweight and easy to be personalized, the ball makes perfect ornament for christmas (tree) or other occasions like party, gathering, etc.
Product Info
•  Size: φ8.5cm, imprint area: φ8.0cm
•  Material: transparent plastic come with aluminum insert
•  For sublimation or laser printing
Printing Instructions
For use in a Flat-bed press: sublimation settings
• Print image in reverse(mirror image)
• Tear the protective film before printing, medium pressure and image side face down;
• Printing Parameters for reference: 180C, 45S
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