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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Join us at the Western Canada Imprint Show with this FREE pass PLUS sign up for the FREE Seminar on

how to improve your print quality with White Toner Laser Printers

This training shows you how to achieve better, more vibrant and softer results in White Toner Laser Heat Transfer printing.  It shows you how to overcome the natural weaknesses of the Laser printing system.

Learn how to rasterize/halftone your images with ease, control the white toner channel and how to avoid white outlines.  The seminar teaches you also, how to calculate your toner consumption and reduce your printing costs.


Hosted by Quality Digital Solutions;

Mr. Christopher Sigmann from Germany
Sales Rep. of FOREVER for North America & Commonwealth Regions

Download the digital version by clicking on the graphic below

FREE Pass to Western Canada Imprint Show and FREE Pass to White Toner TransferRIP Seminar - Must Register

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