Linen Christmas Gift Sack

Customize this pre-printed gift Sack using sublimation, HTV, or FOREVER no cut no weed transfer papers. Bag size is 19.69"x 25.98"
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Delivery date: 1-3 days Western, 3-5 days Eastern

Large Pre-Printed gift bag is 19.69"x 25.98".

Made with White Linen fabric and a drawstring for easy closing.

You can Personalize this gift bag for easy wrapping gift giving!

Perfect for Sublimation, HTV or FOREVER Self Weeding transfer papers

Settings for Sublimation

• Time: 50 seconds

• Temperature: 400° F

• Pressure: Moderate

Sublimation Transfer Process

• Prepress product in heat press for 5-10 seconds to remove wrinkles.

• Place transfer face down on the flattened bag and secure with heat tape.

• Place blowout paper on top of transfer sheet.

• Press the product for allotted time.

Download template here  Click here for printing instructions

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