Linen Cosmetic Bag/Pencil Case

Linen cosmetic bag/pencil case is perfect for cosmetics, craft supplies, pencils and so much more. These high quality zippered bags make great gifts for any occasion.
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Material: Linen

Size: 6" x 9.3"

Sublimation ready or decorate with FOREVER laser transfer or HTV


General Sublimation Instructions

• Preheat the heat press to 380-390°F. Set the time to 45-60 sec., set pressure to light.

• Place vapor foam into the bag.

• Place product blank face down onto the printed transfer. Secure the product blank to the transfer paper with heat tape.

• Place blowout paper or Teflon sheet onto the heat press platen.

• Place the product blank with attached transfer onto the sheet, with transfer on top.

• Place another piece of blowout paper or Teflon sheet on top of the transfer sheet.

• Close and press for recommended time.

• When finished, open heat press and remove the product. Remove the transfer paper and discard.

• Once the product has cooled, remove the transfer sheet and discard

 General Heat Transfer Instructions

• Follow the Heat Transfer Paper Instructions for best results.

• Preheat press to 310°F while preparing product.

• Close the heat press while empty to heat the bottom heat platen for at least 5 minutes.

• Press A and B papers together for 120 seconds at 300-310°F with moderate pressure.

• Open the press and immediately peel A and B sheets apart while both papers remain on press bed. o IMPORTANT: Do not remove papers from the press bed while peeling.

• Transfer the image to the bag by pressing at 310°F for 30 seconds with moderate pressure. For even pressure, let the zipper hang off the press.

• Remove the bag with transfer paper still attached to cool completely. o IMPORTANT: Be very careful not to bump or move the transfer paper while removing the bag from the press. The transfer can fail if the transfer paper is moved while still hot or warm.

• Once the bag and transfer paper are cooled to room temperature, roll peel the transfer paper off of the bag and discard the transfer sheet.

• Place the bag back onto the heat press and place silicone finishing paper on top of the image.

• Close and press for 15-20 seconds to fix image onto the bag.

• When finished, open the press and remove the silicone finishing sheet and bag

General UVLED Printing Instructions

• Lint roll the surface of the product to remove any lint or dirt.

• Place the product on the printer bed. You may want to place something raised and flat inside of the bag for more accurate focus.

• Focus the print head to the surface of the product.

• Place the printer into print-ready position and send job to the printer.

• When finished, remove the product from the printer bed.

• Allow 24 hours for the UV ink to fully cure. Note: Products are not recommended for use with food after the image has been printed

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