Neenah Laser One Opaque Paper - Sample Pack

Laser One Opaque is an easy to use, ultra vibrant opaque transfer paper for accurately reproducing photographs, logos and more onto dark t-shirts. Sample Pack includes 2 sheets 8.5"x 11" of Laser One paper, matte finishing sheet and instructions.
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Use with your Laser Printer and heat press!


LASER-ONE-OPAQUE® is an easy-to-use, ultra vibrant opaque transfer paper for accurately reproducing photographs, logos, and more onto dark and colored t-shirts. It has a thicker white base to the paper, so that all colors in a full-color photograph or graphic are represented truly as the original color, for a high-quality finished product. LASER-ONE-OPAQUE® offers superior durability to transfers onto fabric and apparel goods. It is not a self-weeding paper, and would require trimming by hand or with a vinyl cutter prior to application to remove any ‘excess background’ white.

  • Sheet Sizes: Available in 8.5"x11"
  • Printer: Laser


  • Print your image in right reading direction (Do not reverse)
  • Trim away the unwanted areas of the transfer
  • Peel the backer sheet off the paper
  • Plac the printed image on top of the garment with the image facing up (right reading to you)
  • Completely cover the transfer with a protective sheet
  • Cover the ironing sheet with a single layer of fabric
  • Press for 30 seconds at 350°F using medium pressure
  • Peel the ironing shet off once cold in a smoth even motion


  • Dark coloured Cotton
  • Poly/Cotton Blend
  • 100% Poly fabrics
  • Note: Special settings are dictated by your design

We recommend using a teflon sheet to protect the heat press platen from sticking to the transfer sheet when using dark transfers.

If the paper is jamming in your printer, run the transfer paper in a heavier paper setting such as Label 1 or Tranparency to allow more time for the toner to adhere.

  • Image is right-reading (do not reverse/mirror the image), can be CAD cut or trimmed.
  • 1 step process heat transfer paper, cold peel


Wash cold, inside out and air dry for best results. Cover transfer with protective sheet for ironing

Click here to download the instruction sheet>>>  Click here for the spec sheet

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