OKI Pro8432WT Now Supporting Black & White Swapping

Sunday, February 17, 2019

OKI has come out with a black toner & drum for the pro8432WT printer.  This will allow you to use True Black when white is not required. 

Main uses would be for the FOREVER Flex-Soft single color sheets, Laser Dark sheets used with Hot Stamping foil and sticker or paper printing.  As you are aware the FOREVER Flex-Soft sheets only require black to be printed to them and the sheet color is what gets transferred to the substrate.  This currently takes Cyan, Magenta and Yellow mixed together to produce Black, therefore having the single black toner will save you money as generally color toners are more expensive.

You can also now print your own letters, envelopes, stickers, promotional material with your crisp clear laser printer. 

Cost is $255 + GST and shipping for both, and we have them in stock. 


All Pro8432WT printers can be updated to swap between using Black toner in place of White. To begin using Black toner in the Pro8432WT you simply need to:

1) Click here to order.

Note:  you need to register on our website before you can order online.

2) Download and install new color and media profiles into the Pro8432WT. 

This is a onetime process for existing owners. New printers will come preloaded with the profiles for using black.

3) Begin printing jobs with black toner by setting the Pro8432WT print properties (printer driver) to use the profiles that incorporate black toner.



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