Polyester Mask - White S

All over sublimation face mask large size - 11x16.5cm (4.3" x 6.5") (H X W). Price breaks in packages of 10.
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The Face Mask is made of 3 layer structure(polyester-cotton-polyester), cotton is in the middle to help bring gentle touch to skin, and polyester outside is perfect for sublimation printing.
Comes with adjustable elastic ear loops.
Product Info
• White Polyester and cotton, 3 layers, cotton fabric in middle layer
• Size 11x16.5 cm  (4.3" x 6.5") (H X W)
• Comfortable touch feel
• For sublimation printing
Printing Instructions
For use in a Clamshell or Swing Away Flat-bed press:
• Print image in reverse
• Check your press user manual for specific time and temperature
• Printing Parameters for reference: 180 C - 356*F, 2 minutes
• Remove paper immediately

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