Polyester Mask - Small

All over sublimation face mask large size - 11x16.5cm (4.3" x 6.5") (H X W). Price breaks in packages of 10.
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The Face Mask is made of 3 layer structure(polyester-cotton-polyester), cotton is in the middle to help bring gentle touch to skin, and polyester outside is perfect for sublimation printing.
Comes with adjustable elastic ear loops.
Product Info
• White Polyester and cotton, 3 layers, cotton fabric in middle layer
• Size 11x16.5 cm  (4.3" x 6.5") (H X W)
• Comfortable touch feel
• For sublimation printing
Printing Instructions
For use in a Clamshell or Swing Away Flat-bed press:
• Print image in reverse
• Check your press user manual for specific time and temperature
• Printing Parameters for reference: 180 C - 356*F, 2 minutes
• Remove paper immediately

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11oz Sublimation Mugs

white, black, dark blue, cambridge blue, powder blue, red, sky blue, yellow, bright green (frosted), purple red (frosted), reddish orange (frosted), light yellow (frosted), lime green (matte), red (matte), dark blue (matte), cambridge blue (matte), white (matte), black (matte). Mix and match colors 6 of each - 36 units per case. Please note, these mugs are not individually boxed but you can add 11oz inner boxes to your order.
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