Scrapers and Blades

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1” #9 Single Edge Blades (100 Pack)

Use in any 1″ blade holder. #9 Carbon steel single edge blade, non-rust aluminum back. Pack of 100. (.009″/.2886 mm)

1” Blade Ade

Plastic handle that can accommodate any 1″ blade.

4” Scraper Blades (100 Pack)

Pack of 100. Fits the GT104 & GT1023. Carbon, pack of 100. (0.17 mm x 4″)

6" Triumph HD Blades (10 Pack)

Carbon replacement blades for the GT106, Red Heavy Duty Triumph Scraper. This thicker blade (0.4 mm) offers greater strength for those tough jobs. Pack of 10.

6” Triumph Scraper

Lightweight and maneuverable. Great for cleaning or scraping. Includes cover and one double-edged blade. Use the GT108, GT108SS or GT108SS-HD replacement blades.

HD 1” Razor Scraper

Retractable safety scraper, intermediate blade position keeps the blade from sliding out while in use.

HYDE 1” Razor Scraper

A slim downed version of the 1″ HD Razor Scraper. Holds any 1″ blade

Plastic Razor Blades (100 Pack)

Pack of 100. 1″ plastic blade perfect for removing adhesive and leftover film from surfaces that can be easily damaged, such as rear window defrosters or other sensitive glass surfaces.

Stainless Steel 1” Blades (100 Pack)

Use in any 1″ blade holder. Stainless steel, uncoated. Pack of 100.
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