Sequin Black and White Makeup/Pencil case

Multi-functional case that can be used as party bag, storage bag, or phone cash wallet purse. 6.5"x 8"
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Sequin Black/White Makeup Bag / Clutch, made of Sequin fabric and polyester, is perfect for dye sublimation printing on both sides (front and back). The clutch feature a reversible sequin front and a smooth polyester back. Both sides are printed, and the dyes used in making them are water based so they do not fade or alter the texture of the fabric. Simply swipe your hand over these sequins and watch as they flip and magically appear to change color.

Customize them and make perfect gifts!
Linen side can also be customized using FOREVER self-weeding vinyl and/or regular HTV as well as sublimation
Product Info
• Size 16.5 X 20.5 cm - 6.5" x 8"
• Color: front side black sequin (white base) & backside white polyester
• Sequin fabric and polyester material, both sides printable
• For sublimation printing
• Both sides printable
Printing Instructions
For use in a Flat-bed press:
• Print image in reverse(mirror image)
• Tear the protective film before printing, medium pressure and image side face down;
• Printing Parameters for reference: 180C - 356F, 2 minutes
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