Shrink Wrap Sleeves

Available in various sizes. Sold in packages of 10 each.
Availability: Available in end of March
SKU: MF-Sleeves
Delivery date: 1-3 days Western, 3-5 days Eastern

Use these Shrink Sleeves with a blow dryer or heat gun to decorate oddly shaped objects.  Then process in a convection oven or tunnel oven.

Instructions below are a sampling of the process for a stainless steel wine cup, refer to your specific substrate for instructions.

Convection Oven Temperature: 375F for 330 secs (5:30) Light Pressure, hot peel

  1. Set the convection oven at 375F for 330 seconds.
  2. Ensure convection oven has reached the set temperature
  3. Tape imaged sublimation paper onto your wine cup. Image facing the cup.
  4. Place shrink wrap around cup. Use dryer/heatgun to heat the shrink wrap which will tighten the shrink wrap around the cup.
  5. Place wine cup in convection oven. Ensure that it is not touching other object in the oven
  6. Once the timer counts to zero, open convection oven, and take cup out.  Use gloves or heat resistant cloth to handle the hot cup.
  7. Rip off the shrink wrap, then peel sublimation paper off.
  8. Leave on table to cool. Do not dunk in water. 

Caution: Cup is extremely hot when in the oven, do not handle with bare hands
Note: Temperature and time settings are only a guide/starting point

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