Skate Mats

Self-absorbent protective products for sublimation. It is USA manufactured of 50% recycled fibers. DrySub Mates is moisture-wicking and presses without an offensive odor. Felt-like material and gripping rubber bottom . Can also be decorated for a mat in the kitchen or bathroom or front door. Comes in two sizes, 12" x 18" and 18" x 26"

Material: Polyester, Made from over 50% recycled fiber, BPA and Phthalate free

Size: 12"x 18"x 3/16"

Decorate this moisture wicking Skate Mat with Sublimation


General Sublimation Instructions

• Preheat the heat press to 395-400°F.

Set the time to 55-65 sec., set pressure to light-medium.

• Lay a Teflon sheet on the bottom of your heat press.

• Place Mat blank face down onto the printed transfer and secure with heat tape.

• Place a piece of Teflon sheet onto the bottom platen of the heat press.

• Place the blank with attached transfer sheet face up on the Teflon sheet.

• Cover the transfer sheet with blowout paper or a second sheet of Teflon.

• Close and press for the recommended time.

• When finished, open the press and remove the Mat. Allow product to cool before removing the Teflon and transfer paper. **Failure to do so could cause the backing of the product blank to tear.

• Once the product has cooled, remove the transfer sheet and discard

12 x 18 Moisture Wicking Skate Mat - Decorated
Skate Mat 12"x 18"
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18" x 26" Moisture Wicking Skate Mat - Decorated
Skate Mat 18" x 26"
Availability: In stock
Delivery date: 1-3 days Western, 3-5 days Eastern