So much fun today making t-shirts for our Open House!

Sunday, May 8, 2016

So much fun today making t-shirts for our Open House with all the cool stuff that FOREVER - Transfer Paper from Germany has sent us!

Register to receive your personal invitation and be entered into all the draws at our Open House and win one of these T-shirts or some other goodies!!

Click here to register for our Open House - May 27 & 28th

The Hot Stamping Foil (HSF) on our logo was an amazing touch!

Look at how the Multi-Bars Blue Hot Stamping Foil makes our Logo look awesome!

Shows Hot Stamping Foil Effect with light reflecting

Christopher from FOREVER Digital Transfers Application Technologhy is coming all the way from Germany to Canada for our Open House - register now, so you can ask the PRO all your questions!

Click here for more information on our Open House

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