Spider Mini Spray Tip

The Spider Spray Tip - EVS is the direct replacement tip for your Spider-Mini Automatic Pretreat Machine.
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Manufacturer: ColDesi
Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever, and your spray tip(nozzle) will eventually need to be replaced.

This spray tip is made from a combination of POLY and Stainless/Steel material. But, the most important part is the manufacturing process for this tip offers a greater level of accuracy. Greater accuracy leads to a better spray pattern of the Pretreats you are using to print your designs.

Please do not push any metal object into your spray tip, as it will damage the very fine orifice. Only use softer materials, like a wooden toothpick or a nylon brush, if needed. Spray the Spider Wash throughout your machine as instructed and also use it to soak your spray tip for long periods on non-use.
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