Vinyl Letter Remover 20oz (VLR)

20oz can of vinyl remover from Alba Chem, ideal for use on cottons and cotton blends.
Manufacturer: AlbaChem
Availability: In stock
SKU: VLRemover-20A
Delivery date: 1-3 days Western, 3-5 days Eastern

People ask online all the time... How do I remove vinyl from a t-shirt? The answer is in the Vinyl Remover from Alba Chem. This product is a fast and easy way to remove vinyl.

Take note to TEST this on all materials. This is not 100% guaranteed for every type of material and color. We have found it works best on cotton and cotton blends. Moisture wick materials have had varying results due to the glue "wicking" out as it dissolves. Go slow, take care and test each fabric. Sometimes washing the garment after removal can remove additional glue marks.
This product has also been used to remove FOREVER Multitrans from spoiled tumblers and mugs.  Give them a second chance!
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