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Friday, February 19, 2021

Good morning Laurena, 

I want to say thanks for all your help. I've had a dream of being able to print full colour images onto apparel for an affordable price since I started Grand River Shirts in 2016. Only in the last few months finding out about Ghost and forever papers. I've had other products, and other printers suggested to me. I've tried a few with varying results. Some major issues being they feel like craft store iron ons, having to cut and weed all the holes out of each graphic and not being able to print white, leaving me with having to mix media.

This ghost setup and forever paper is the answer I have been searching for. I did a few test prints with my logo as a rainbow gradient of colours and each turned out perfect. I've added a picture for you to see.

Thanks again for all the help, You've got a long time customer here.

Alex V
Grand River Shirts Co.
Grand River Shirts Co. Logo
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