24" Avery Glow in the Dark

24" Avery Glow in the Dark vinyl 2.4 mil. A specialty photoluminescent non-coated rigid polyester film. Clear Permanent Acrylic Adhesive.
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SKU: Avery-SF100-120-S 24"
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Manufacturer: Avery Dennison

● Dimensionally stable liner for easy converting
● High Gloss finish
● Uses zero electricity
● Non toxic, non radioactive
● Excellent dimensional stability
● Durabillity UP to 5 years INDOOR USE ONLY


  • UV Jet
  • Screen Printing
  • Steel Rule Die-Cut
  • Drum Roller Sign-Cut
  • Flat Bed Sign Cut

Common Applications:

● Safety Signs, Evacuation Signs, Location Signs
● Emergency Exit Markings
● Illuminate Pathways

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