Frosted Shot Glass 1.5oz

Customize for any special occasion - home parties, birthdays, weddings, father's Day and more! Sublimate, laser printing or vinyl decoration. Sold minimum 2. Priced Individually
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The 1.5 oz shot glass, well coated already could be easily personalized with your chosen pictures by sublimation and laser printing.

Use Shrink Wrap Sleeve size 3.5"x 3"

Product Info

• Size: 1.5 ounce, H2.25 x D2"x D1.5"
• Frosted Glass
• Sublimation and Laser Printing
• Sublimation printing:
• Temperature: 400 F / 195 C
• Bake approximately 10-12 minutes in the oven - After cooling remove wrap
• Mug Press:
• Temperature 356 F / 180 C for approx 120 seconds, medium pressure

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