Light Faux Wood Ornament

Make a personalized Ornament with this 3.86"x 4.18" x .25 Light Faux Wood Ornament. You can decorate it with our QDS Wood/Leather Laser Transfer Sheets, Vinyl or HTV. You can even do Laser Engraving, Rotary Engraving or UV-LED Printing.
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Light Faux Wood Ornament 3.86"x 4.18" x.25"

Looks like Barn Wood for a rustic effect

Create beautiful personalized Christmas decorations or it also makes a great tag for presents!

Perfect for QDS Wood/Leather laser transfer papers, HTV or Laser Engraving! You can also use your UV-LED Printer.

Laser Recommendations (Raster Only)
• 60 watt laser | 80% power | 50% speed | 600 DPI
• Clean surface with soft cloth misted with isopropyl alcohol

Rotary Recommendations
• Insert 0.15 FLX engraver bit into rotary spindle. Zero bit to micrometer. Adjust engraving depth to 0.005” | 12,000 RPM | 1”/sec.
• Clean surface with soft cloth misted with isopropyl alcohol

Heat Transfer Recommendations
• Oki Pro8432WT w/ GeoKnight Heat Press | QDS Laser Wood Hard Surface 1 Paper

• Clean surface with soft cloth misted with isopropyl alcohol

• Temp. 300°F | 40 sec. Cover transfer with foam pad. Peel cold

Or follow Heat Transfer Vinyl instructions - Specialty Materials Thermoflex Turbo can be used on wood.

UV LED Print
• Clean surface with soft cloth misted with isopropyl alcohol prior to printing.

Note: These settings are offered as a safe starting point for your fabrication. Minor adjustments may be needed to achieve optimal results.

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