11oz (Frosted) Light Yellow Mugs

Frosted mugs for a festival occasion. These mugs are specially crafted for Laser Printing. Decorate with QDS Ceramic Laser Paper, FOREVER Multi-trans laser paper or sublimate to create vibrant mugs!
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Delivery date: 1-3 days Western, 3-5 days Eastern

Printing Instructions for Sublimation

For use in a mug press:
• Print image in reverse
• Check your mug press user manual for specific time and temperature
• Printing Parameters for reference: 180 C,  20-40 S - what this means is once your mug press reaches temperature, then an additional 20-40 seconds, with your mug in the entire time.
• Remove paper immediately
For use in a convection oven:
• Print image in reverse
• Use mug wrap
• Temperature: 400 F
• Time: 12-15 minutes
• Remove paper immediately

Recommended Transfer Papers from FOREVER:

  • MultiTrans CMYK (W)
  • MultiTrans Metallics (Gold and Silver)

Matte and Frosted mugs work extremely well with the FOREVER MultiTrans papers.

NOTE:  Frosted mugs are Hand Wash ONLY

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