Tree Slate Ornament 5"

5"x 5" Black Slate Tree can be Laser engraved, UV-LED printed, HTV or QDS Laser Ceramic papers. Includes a string for hanging. Minimum purchase of 2
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Black Slate Tree is 5"x 5"

Create a beautiful personalized Christmas Tree.

Perfect for QDS Laser Ceramic transfer papers, HTV or Laser Engraving! You can also use your UV-LED Printer.

UV LED Print

• Clean surface with soft cloth misted with isopropyl alcohol prior to printing. Apply DCS low-odor adhesion promoter with a dedicated ultra-microfiber cloth

Fabrication Process

• Preheat heat press to 300°F.

• Print image onto QDS laser ceramic paper. (White toner set to 150%)

• Cut individual images out from the transfer sheet.

• Center image over top of slate material. Cover slate and transfer with a piece of silicon tissue paper.

• Place foam heat pad on top of silicon tissue paper.

• Press in the heat press at 330°F for 180 seconds (3 min.) using heavy pressure.

• Lift heat press and remove slate and all components from the press.

• Allow slate to sit with transfer paper intact for at least 10 minutes to cool to room temperature. Larger pieces of slate may take longer to cool.

• When slate is cooled to room temperature, remove transfer paper from surface.

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