Zippered Neoprene Pouch -White

This fashionable white neoprene zippered pouch makes a great coin purse, card holder or wallet. Printable on both sides.
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White Neoprene zippered pouch. Great for holding coins, cards or cash!

Material: Neoprene

Size: 3.75" x 5"

Sublimation ready or decorate with FOREVER laser transfer or HTV


General Sublimation Instructions

• Preheat the heat press to 385-395°F. Set the time to 40-50 sec., set pressure to medium.

• Design your image for one or both sides. o When printing 2-sided full bleed images, a small white seam line may be left in between the sides of the bag after pressing.

• Use a lint roller to remove debris/fiber from bag.

• Place the blank face down onto the printed transfer. Secure the blank to the transfer paper with heat tape or repositionable adhesive spray.

• Place blowout paper or Teflon sheet onto the heat press platen.

• Place the product blank with attached transfer onto the sheet, with transfer on top. o To avoid damage to the vinyl zipper, position the pouch so that the zipper side is slightly off the heat press edge before closing, or o Optional: Use the Vapor foam pad and light pressure to help protect the zipper during pressing.

• Place another piece of blowout paper or Teflon sheet on top of the transfer sheet.

• Close and press for recommended time.

• When finished, open the heat press and remove the bag. Remove the heat tape and transfer paper carefully after pressing to prevent damage to the fabric. Discard the transfer paper.

• Repeat steps to press the second side of the bag.

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